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Od 25 maja 2018 r. obowiązuje w Polsce Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (ogólne rozporządzenie o ochronie danych, zwane także RODO).

W związku z powyższym przygotowaliśmy dla Państwa informacje dotyczące przetwarzania przez Wojskowy Instytut Wydawniczy Państwa danych osobowych. Prosimy o zapoznanie się z nimi: Polityka przetwarzania danych.

Prosimy o zaakceptowanie warunków przetwarzania danych osobowych przez Wojskowych Instytut Wydawniczy – Akceptuję
Allied Forces in Poland

In July edition of Polska Zbrojna, we write in detail about the allied forces in Poland. See below for English version. Enjoy reading!



I want to take the army out of the comfort zone

Maciej Chilczuk and Marcin Górka talked with Rajmund T. Andrzejczak on the readiness of soldiers for changes, the introduction of the slogan "speed is key" in the army and a new model of commanding.


The United States of America Have It Their Way

President Donald Trump approved the way the US Department of State had implemented his administration’s plan to intensify the US arms export sale.


Memorial Relay Race

They would run night and day to honor independent Poland – a very special relay race by soldiers and employees of the Territorial Defense Force, who ran 1,100 km along the Queen of Polish Rivers – the Vistula River.


Daring Raid

Raid on Fraustadt in 1939: Polish tankettes invading German town.




I care and I help

Małgorzata Schwarzgruber talks with Ziemowit Budko about sport competition for the disabled.



Adrenaline, speed and dreams coming true

"Rattler" first sat at the controls of the F-16 ten years ago, "Goose" and "Stag" are at the beginning of their careers. They are split by their aerial generation. They are combined by the pride of being F-16 pilots. 



The art of making friends

Łukasz Zalesiński talks to Andrzej Fałkowski about the meanders of military diplomacy and difficult negotiations during NATO summits.



I Still Remember My First Flight…

With Jerzy Główczewski, the last living Polish fighter pilot who fought in WWII, talks Piotr Korczyński.



A Training Swing

They were very intense two weeks. Filled with exercise, training, but also massages and rehabilitation treatments from early morning to late afternoon. Injured veterans met at the Training and Fitness Centre in Mrągowo, where they exercised under the professional supervision of coaches, who also train Polish paralympians. They played sitting volleyball, trained archery, practiced discus throwing and shot put, they rowed, swam and cycled.


Alfa’s Szczupak

Polish seamen wrote a splendid chapter in the history of warfare from the first shots of WWII fired on the coast until the last battles of the Atlantic Campaign in the spring of 1945. However, not much is said about their participation in the Warsaw Uprising.



Eastern Flank Pillar

With Michał Baranowski on the detachment of US troops in Poland, and on the unity of Allies talks Małgorzata Schwarzgruber.


Side by Side

“Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Romania and Croatia – troops of these states’ armies must work together like fingers of one hand, always ready to make a fist and strike,” says BrigGen Jarosław Gromadziński, commander of the 15th Mechanized Brigade, about the cooperation of soldiers of Allied armies. The Brigade is the unit that cooperates with NATO Battle Group Poland (BGPOL) that has been stationing in our country for over a year.


Fort of Two Nations

At 9:30 on January 12, 2017, a column of vehicles of the American Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) crossed the German-Polish border at the crossing in Olszyna. The soldiers were welcomed by the then commander of the 11th “Lubuska” Armored Cavalry Division, MajGen Jarosław Mika. Thus Operation Atlantic Resolve began, which aimed at strengthening the eastern flank of NATO. The 3rd ABCT was deployed in Żagań and nearby towns: Świętoszów, Skwierzyna, Bolesławiec, as well as at Camp Karliki of the Żagań training area.


Sky is the Limit

Injured veterans who want to take part in Invictus Games in Sydney have been working on their physical fitness for several months now. Official presentation of 15 competitors took place during central Veteran Day celebrations in Kielce.


How They See Us

With the soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment serving in the NATO Battalion Combat Group on endurance, character and making friends talks Michał Zieliński. 


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